Get Creative with Community Partners and Reach New Customers at Your Dance Studio

Reach New Customers at Your Dance Studio

Before a potential dance family can make a decision about your dance studio they need to know your studio exists. Partnering with businesses and organizations in your community can be a very effective way to reach new customers at your dance studio. Partnerships can bring NEW customers into your studio, increase the awareness of your studio in the community, and also provide MORE value for your current families.

We recently had something pretty cool happen to us at Resourceful Dance. We are hosting a giveaway in our Facebook Community (we are taking entries THIS week.. so join if you haven’t already!!!) and reached out to several businesses asking if they would be willing to gift us items. In return, we will feature their company in a blog post and share a photo of the item on Instagram. We choose companies and products that we were familiar with and knew our audience would love. We were fully prepared for crickets. Ha! Do you know what happened?? We had several companies say “yes”. Easy peasy! They were excited to work together and shipped the items promptly. Most companies WANT to make relationships and work to figure out ways to work together. Sometimes all you have to do is ask!

Here are a few things that set us up for success:

  • We focused on THEM! We made it clear that we were fans of their company.
  • Our requests and what we could provide in return were very clear. People are busy! Respect their time by getting to the point.
  • Provide numbers. We included detailed information about our audience and reach.

In this example, partnering with other businesses is enabling us to give back to our community in a way that we may not have been able to do if we were to buy these items on our own. It is also going to help create even more credibility within our brand. If bigger brands are wanting to work with us we must be doing something right! Ha! We are also laying the groundwork for a continued relationship moving forward. Finally, by working with these companies we are able to get our brand in front of new groups of people and bring more awareness to Resourceful Dance. They are NOT required to, but there is a good chance some of our content about their products and our giveaway will be shared if they like what they see!

The good news is you can absolutely take advantage of these strategies in your dance studio! Our freebie today is a good one:) We have included an email template for reaching out to potential sponsors and partners. Save a copy of the document and then start plugging in your information!

Grab your FREE sponsor email template!

When you are thinking about potential community partners, start with what you are looking to gain. Are you looking for physical items? Portions of an event paid for? Enhancing an upcoming event at your studio? Getting in front of a new group of people?

How community partnerships could look at your dance studio:

  • Ask a local grocery store or restaurant to donate snacks for your open house. The Costco in my community used to be very willing to come out to local businesses!
  • Ask a local expert to come speak at your studio. Doctors, nutritionist, physical therapist, yoga instructors… these type of professionals may all have something to offer your community!
  • Think about creative places where you could teach pop up classes. At my studio, we started a program where we taught a dance class at the library once a month. The library helped promote our programs and allowed us to reach new families in the area.
  • Printing programs or advertising materials.
  • Face painting, a balloon artist, or some other FUN extra at a studio event.
  • Items for a giveaway or contest.
  • Could you co-host an event with another local business? Maybe an informal holiday performance at the local coffee shop? A family dance party with an area daycare? Try to think about businesses that have similar target markets to your studio but are not direct competitors.
  • Could you partner with a local business to support a non-for-profit in your community? Coming together to do some good is a GREAT way to begin a partnership.

Once you have focused in on what you are looking for, think about what you can provide in return. Why would it be beneficial for other businesses to get in front of your audience? Can you share about their company in your newsletter, in a physical sign at your studio, or on social media? What can you contribute in some way to a future event that they are hosting? Is it possible for them to “sell” to your audience?

Your partnership arrangement should feel equal. The business or organization you are reaching out to is much more likely to say “yes” when it feels fair. Reaching out to a potential sponsor or partner is a little scary, BUT getting a “yes” feels really good:) This is a marketing strategy that takes a little work and creativity. We think it is worth it! Consistently putting yourself out there and making an effort to expand your reach WILL pay off in the long run. When you reach new customers at your dance studio you are increasing your brand awareness. As we said above, families have to be aware of your studio before they can become customers!

Go grab our freebie and start brainstorming about future collaborations. Let us know in our Facebook Community if you are already doing this at your studio. Does anyone have success stories about reaching out to sponsors? Community partners that have brought in NEW customers? We would love to hear!

Reach New Customers at Your Dance Studio

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