Tools and resources that get the job done!

How is it all possible? Check out a few of our favorite dance studio resources to help make your job just a little bit easier. We’ll continue to add to this list as we discover new tools. We are all about little hacks that can free up more time. Is there something we should know about? Let us know!


Our relationship with Trello was love at first sight. If you need organization in your business- this is for you! It can be a bit intimidating at first but after watching this insightful tutorial from Boss Mom, you will see how it can change your life. Here at Resourceful Dance, we use it daily to keep track of all the moving pieces that are involved in running a business. The best part is you can access it anywhere that you have an internet connection.. and it is FREE. Make lists, brainstorm, attach photos and links, utilize the calendar, organize events, share your planning with a team.. a great tool!! Watch Colleen profess her love of Trello HERE and enjoy this FREE tutorial below on how to get started with Trello at your studio.


I cannot say enough about this application. I use Grammarly about 15 times a day! Basically, it checks your grammar as you type ON THE WEB! So anytime you write a Facebook Post, it corrects it. Anytime you make a graphic in Canva, it corrects it. Right now- as I write, it is making sure my content is mistake free! You will feel so much more confident writing using correct grammar using this tool, so what are you waiting for?! The following is an affiliate link. If you click on it and sign up, we will receive compensation (at no cost to you!).  Thanks in advance for your support! 

Dance Studio Pro

We have tried multiple dance studio software programs and this is by far the most user-friendly. It is completely designed for dance studios and offers tools to help with automation, mobile management (for when you are out of the studio), and even performances. We found their billing systems and customer profiles to fall in line with what a dance studio needs unlike some of its competitors. And after all of that, it is pretty to look at too! They have a flat monthly fee- even as your studio grows you will pay the same amount.


Marketing materials will never be the same after you use Canva. They have a huge data base of stock images and templates. You can also use your own pictures and plug in custom dimensions. We just discovered Canva this past year.. and it is awesome. Easy to use and super fun to play with. I created the image below, downloaded it, and had it uploaded to Resourceful Dance  in 2 min. This is another FREE resource.




I have used other companies for website hosting and switched to Bluehost for the hosting and domain registration of Resourceful Dance. Unless I encounter a huge problem.. I will never use another company. By far the easiest WordPress installation. For any website newbies, installing WordPress on your site enables you to have a great site with a professional looking theme using your domain. Bluehost makes it very easy, you can get up and running with one click. The following is an affiliate link. If you click on it and sign up, we will receive compensation (at no cost to you!).  Thanks in advance for your support! 

Google Drive

We love google drive. One of the best things we did at the studio was to create an office email for the studio. Anytime we need to gather information (music, recital costume info, etc.) we create a spreadsheet in google sheets and send the link to everyone that is contributing. Instead of getting a million emails; everyone involved enters everything directly into the shared document.  It's also very handy for storage. You can upload pictures and documents and have access to them anywhere (and easily share them!). Also, FREE with a google account.



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